Serving Behind-the-Scenes at St. Bartholomew

By nature of their baptism, every Christian is a member of the Body of Christ, the Church. That means everyone has a "part to play" in the life of the Church.

When we think of the laity's involvement in the Church, we often think of the more visible roles like lectors, cantors, and ushers; but there are a number of important, less visible areas of ministry where a person can put their gifts to good use. By nature of being ministries they still have a communal/interpersonal element to them, but these ministries are just not as visible and structured as ministries served within the context of the Mass.

As you see, we have many opportunities for you! There's a lot going on behind-the-scenes!



 Altar Linen  Care  

This team of individuals collects, mends, washes, irons, and organizes the various linens that are part of the Mass. Each person is responsible for cleaning one week's worth of linen about once every two months.

Contact Joanne Statt to be put in touch with Cheryl Mushaben.


 Art &  Environment


The perfect ministry for those with an artistic eye! Art & Environment decorates the interior of our church for special liturgies, feast days, and liturgical seasons (Advent, Christmas, Lent and Easter).

The beautiful flowers that grace our sanctuary (altar area) are made possible by the generous donations of our parishioners.

Contact Sandy Hornbach to volunteer, learn more, or arrange a donation of flowers.


 Baptismal  Cloth  Embroidery


Each baptized person receives a white cloth symbolizing their new life in Christ. Our hand-embroidered cloths are treasured as reminders of this wonderful sacrament. If you can embroider, let us know!

Contact Sandy Hornbach to learn more.


 Bereavement  Ministry

This ministry serves the family of deceased parishioners in planning the funeral liturgy. Trained ministers provide guidance in the selection of readings, songs, and petitions used at the Mass. The bereavement ministers also act as liaisons between the funeral director/funeral home, the parish, the priest, and the family. Volunteers work together to fulfill these responsibilities:

  • Funeral Planning and Follow-Up
  • Attend Funerals to Support Families or Fill a Liturgical Role
  • Assist with Funeral Receptions
  • Assist with Support Group
  • Become a Member of a Support Group

Contact Sandy Hornbach to learn more.


 Building &




We are blessed with a 17-acre campus and multiple facilities for parish ministries and events! Our B&G Committee assists the Business Manager and Finance Committee by:

  • Reviewing the effectiveness and costs of routine maintenance. (Where possible, volunteers handle projects to reduce costs and enhance camaraderie among parishioners.)
  • Reviewing, prioritizing, and sometimes supervising repairs, alterations, and improvements.
  • Preparing a 10-year prioritized forecast of major repairs and improvements; this is a key element in the parish's long-range planning.

To volunteer (for the committee or for a project), learn more, suggest an improvement, or voice a concern, contact the Business ManagerAllen Cobbs  or Roy Bauer.



 to the



Members of this ministry visit homebound parishioners on Sundays to bring them the Eucharist. Ministers with patience and compassion are a wonderful blessing to our homebound parishioners! 


If you would like to learn more about this ministry or would like to inform us of a homebound parishioner who would like to receive the Eucharist, please contact the parish office.






Our Finance Committee meets monthly (taking a break in summer) to offer input and guidance on the financial operations of the parish. Did you know...?

  • St. Bartholomew supports families who choose Catholic school education by providing significant tuition assistance (through our budget and individually-funded programs) to parish families at John Paul II Catholic School.
  • Donations to St. Bartholomew can be made safely and easily through our Online Giving program.
  • Through The Bartholomew Society, individuals can arrange for planned gifts to the parish - like donations of stock, including the parish in one's will, etc. Please use the link to download the brochure that explains the various options for sourcing and targeting gifts.

Members include George Mahan, Dan Depperman, Tom Kessinger, Kathy Marks, the Pastor and the Business Manager.





Would you be interested in being one of God's Housekeepers? Our church is cleaned weekly by a group of dedicated volunteers in a spirit of fellowship. Everyone is welcome to join us; many hands make light work! Cleaning is typically done on Friday mornings.

If you are interested in joining us, contact the Parish Office.





Representing the parish community, members of council serve as a consultative body to the Pastor by:

  • Actively seeking information from fellow parishioners to accurately represent the "voice" of the parish community.
  • Assisting the Pastor in determining priorities, promoting spiritual growth, and implementing decisions that affect the unity and mission of the parish.
  • Acting as a vehicle for dialogue and communication among the pastor, the parish staff, the various commissions and organizations, and the parish members.
  • Evaluating how various proposals from parish commissions or groups promote or do not promote the mission of our parish.
  • Working with other groups in the parish to recommend specific policies and programs.

Pastoral Council meets on the 3rd Monday of each month at 7:00 PM in the parish office.


Council consists of our Pastor, a permanent recording secretary (appointed by the Pastor), and 8 parishioners. (Parishioner members serve for a 3-year term)

Current council members are:

  • Ashley Evans
  • Ken Radziwon
  • Joy Niehaus
  • Rachel Sherwood
  • Joanne Hauser
  • Jerry Yox (Chair)
  • Luke Rothan
  • Matthew Jung
  • Joe Arnold
  • Jesus Ortiz


View recent minutes from Pastoral Council meetings.

Submit a question or suggestion to Pastoral Council.


 Prayer Chain


Is the Lord calling you to be a Prayer Warrior? Many among our parish family and friends need you to pray for their daily needs (medical, physical, financial, spiritual...). Members devote time each day to raise up prayers on behalf of their fellow parishioners. This powerful ministry reminds us that we are not alone in our struggles.

To learn more or to add a prayer request to the Prayer Chain, email Ruth Linesch or call 513.728.3146, x700.


 Respect Life  Committee


This group promotes appreciation for life at every stage - from conception to natural death - by...

  • providing pro-life literature from the US Conference of Catholic Bishops (also found in the Parish Library's Respect Life binder)
  • promoting pro-life activities
  • gathering items and funds for Old St. Mary's Pregnancy Center in Over-the-Rhine through our "Baby Jesus Shower", "Diaper Drive", and "Mothers' and Fathers' Day Flower Sales".

In addition, we promote Project Rachel (a healing ministry for those who have been affected by or participated in an abortion), and our bulletin board includes information about free, confidential counseling services and support provided by Catholic Charities for those facing unplanned pregnancies. To learn more, contact the parish office to be put in touch with Rose Bird.




Who remembers to turn on the lights and sound system? Who prepares the vessels used in the liturgy (cruets, chalices, ciboria, etc.)? Who makes sure we have enough wine and hosts? And who cleans everything up afterward? The Sacristan.

At each Mass, a trained sacristan arrives about 30 minutes early to be sure that everything is in place for a smooth, uninterrupted celebration. This important role is perfect for someone who has a deep love for the Mass but prefers to work behind-the-scenes.

Contact parish office to learn more.











This is our version of the ol' Welcome Wagon! To help new parishioners feel connected to and comfortable with our community, we:

  • give them a "welcome" phone call
  • answer questions and help direct folks to programs and ministries that may appeal to them
  • deliver a basket of goodies (homemade treats, candles, rosary, etc. - all donated by parishioners)
  • host bi-annual Welcome Receptions

If any element of this ministry appeals to your gifts and talents, contact Sandy Hornbach.


 Worship  Commission


Serving as advisors to the Pastor and staff, we seek ways to deepen our parish's understanding of, experience of, and appreciation for liturgical celebrations. In addition, we look to satisfy the need for spiritual nourishment by providing additional opportunities and direction for spiritual growth.

Members are appointed to this commission. Current members: 

- Fr. Jerry Hiland  - Joanne Statt - Kathy Depperman
- Mary Choromokos - Gail Hankins - Ken Radziwon
- Gary McCarthy - Linda Kohler -Deacon Conrad 
- Theresa Borgman -Milt Goedde  






Be sure to check out these other wonderful options for Serving as a member of St. Bartholomew:







...[T]here are

varieties of gifts,

but the same Spirit; 

and there are

varieties of services,

but the same Lord; 

and there are

varieties of activities,

but it is the same God

who activates all of them

in everyone. 

To each is given the manifestation of the Spirit

for the common good.

1 Corinthians 12: 4-7