Growth Opportunities for Teens

Teens are renown for always being hungry, for eating their families "out of house and home". But it's also true that teens are hungry for GOD!

We do everything we can to support our teens in remaining faithful to Christ and His Church - in being and living as disciples of Christ in the world today. 





This remarkable collection of videos, digital audio, eBooks and more is available from any internet-connected device so that you can delve into the faith topics that interest you on the schedule that works best for you! And it's FREE!! Learn more...


Coffee Talk*

On Sundays from 10 - 11 AM we meet in the KAC Meeting Rooms to discuss a variety of faith topics over coffee and danish. We hope you will join us soon! No registration is necessary. Learn more by contacting Deacon Gerry Flamm.



Devotions are spiritual practices that help individuals incorporate the Faith into their day-to-day lives. They may seem simple, but they can be quite powerful! Sincerely engage in a devotion for a month or two and see what a difference it can make.


Parish Library*


If you enter the main doors of the church, the library is in a room off to the left. The shelves are labeled to help you find books for particular topics. To borrow a book, simply write your name on the book card that you'll find in the back of the book and put the card in the metal box you'll see on the shelf. When you're finished you can leave the book in the basket on the small table; we'll take care of re-shelving it for you.

A selection of audio and visual tapes as well as some additional display books are available in the lobby area of the church. Tell me more.


Youth Connection



High School Youth Connection is an opportunity for teens to develop a community of disciples and continue to strengthen their faith in a way that resonates with their age and development. We have regular Sunday night meetings for fun, fellowship, and faith learning. We also go on a yearly mission trip. We have many fundraisers that not only help subsidize the mission trip, but also help to build community both with the teens and with our entire parish community. We also have various service and fun activities throughout the year. We gather on Sunday evenings for an hour or so.

Feel free to contact Amy Staubach if you have any questions.






Through our mission trip, teens move out of their comfort zone and assist others in need while deepening their Catholic faith. During the day we travel to work sites and assist with everything from home repair to new home construction to yard work, painting, or anything else that needs to be done for families in need. In the evening we foster spiritual growth through activities, faith sharing, and prayer. This experience can be life-changing for everyone involved!

Feel free to contact Amy Staubach if you have any questions.

2014 Mission Trip to Hazard, KY.


*These opportunities are open to all parishioners, not just teens.



It is Jesus

who stirs in you

the desire

to do something great

with your lives...

- St. Pope John Paul II


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Learn about Teen Saints 


Kroger Community Rewards




Great Teen Resources

Good Shepherd Catholic Book Store (at Colerain and Banning) has tons of great resources for teens! Visit them to take a look at some of our favorites:

  • Did Jesus Have a Last Name? (Q&As about the faith)

  • Did Adam and Eve Have Belly Buttons? (Q&As about the faith)

  • Theology of the Body for Teens (Understanding the beautiful gift of sexuality) 

  • YouCat (Catechism of the Catholic Church interpreted for youth)

  • It's So You (How to dress modestly and fashionably)



In the Archdiocese of Cincinnati, all staff and all volunteers who work with children are required to attend Child Protection Training, have approved background checks, and stay current on monthly bulletins regarding child safety and protection topics. To learn more, go to the Archdiocesan site.