Online Giving Quarterly Update: Aug 1, 2017

THANK YOU for participating in

St. Bartholomew's Online Giving program!


Special Collections

As promised, we are letting you know of special collections that are available this quarter. If you wish to donate online, simply log in to your Online Giving account, choose "Give a New Gift", and make your selections accordingly. Of course, you always have the option of contributing to special collections in the offertory basket if that is more convenient for you.
- Catholic Telegraph (Aug)
- St. Vincent de Paul (Aug 6)
- Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Aug 15)
- Respect Life (Oct 1)
- Mission Sunday (Oct 22)
- Solemnity of All Saints (Nov 1)

Easy Access to Online Giving

If you aren't in the habit of using your internet browser's "bookmarks" or "favorites", remember that you can always access your Online Giving account from the parish website (; there is a link on the right hand side.
You can access your Online Giving account through any internet connection - computer, phone, or tablet.