Our Narthex Renovation Project

Here's the Big Plan...

published January 17, 2017




You're Invited To...


Attend the meetings after next weekend's Masses for the introduction of plans to Renovate the Narthex at St. Bartholomew Church!


Saturday, Jan. 14 after the 5 PM Mass

Sunday, Jan. 15 after the 11:15 AM Mass

Tuesday, Jan. 17 at 7 PM in the church


  • See a video of the model
  • Participate in a Q&A session
  • Meet the architect

Get Ready for the Big Reveal!

published January 1, 2017


The following dates and times have been selected to present the plans for the St. Bartholomew Narthex Renovation:

  • Saturday, January 14 at the 5 pm Mass
  • Sunday, January 15 at the 11:15 am Mass
  • Tuesday, January 17 at 7 pm in the church

Fr. Hiland has enthusiastically supported the final plans for renovating the Narthex and entryway at St. Bartholomew. He is generously providing approximately 10 minutes of time during the Masses on January 14 and 15 to present the animated video depicting the changes that will occur with the updated renovation. The advantages of the upgrades to enhance the comfort and safety of parishioners will be discussed. 

Meetings will also be held following each Mass to provide a more in-depth discussion of the plans and have time for questions. It is anticipated that these after-Mass meetings will last 30-45 minutes. Refreshments will be provided in the Narthex.

To accommodate those not able to attend Mass with us on the weekend of January 14/15, a meeting has been scheduled for Tuesday, January 17 at 7 pm in the church. The Renovation Committee team will present the scope of the Narthex renovation project, including the animated video model, and entertain questions about the renovation. Refreshments in the Narthex will follow the meeting.

It is very important that all parishioners become familiar with the renovation project and understand the importance of making these improvements to secure St. Bartholomew's successful future. There will be a need to do fundraising to accomplish this significant step forward and you will need to be fully informed to reflect and pray over your financial support for the renovation.

We look forward to everyone making a committed effort to attend one of the information meetings!


What's a Narthex?

published December 25, 2016


The Council of American Bishops has chosen this word to describe what, for many years, has been referred to as the church vestibule. The Bishops use the term Narthex to define a space of Welcome that serves as the threshold between the outside space and the entry into the sanctuary for worship. It is a transition space that helps to prepare ourselves for Mass. This space is where all worshippers have the opportunity to gather together before and after services to meet others and strengthen the bonds of our church family. Therefore, we at St. Bartholomew will begin to reference our “welcoming space” as the Narthex.

The Narthex Renovation Committee has been gathering information and working with an architect - Chip Williamson, owner of Chameleon Architecture - over the past two years to look at options to remodel the St. Bartholomew Narthex to achieve a warmer, more welcoming environment. The committee has had the opportunity to share renovation plans for the Narthex with the Pastor, Pastoral Council, and our Finance Committee. The response by each of these leadership groups has been very positive and enthusiastic.

The time has now come that these exciting plans be shared with our St. Bartholomew parishioners! Information meetings will be held during the later part of January 2017. You will have an opportunity to:

  • See an animated video of the proposed renovated area
  • Hear why these improvements are necessary for the future success of St. Bartholomew Parish
  • Hear how the funding of the renovation project will be handled
  • Ask questions
  • Enjoy refreshments served in the Narthex

Please stay alert for the announcement of the dates for the upcoming meetings in January. We will be keeping you well informed about the coming events through announcements at Mass, in the bulletin, and on the web site.

It is very important that as many parishioners as possible attend these meetings so that you will be well informed and understand the importance of this project!




 The Renovation Committee

  • Mike Scott
  • Bill Mauntel
  • Diane Eisele
  • Roy Bauer
  • Joanne Statt
  • Steve McGraw
  • Dan Depperman