What is Prayer?

Prayer is communication with and communion with God, who loves us and desires to be in relationship with us. Prayer is essential to living a full, Catholic life because it strengthens our relationship with God.

Jesus teaches us about the importance of prayer. In the Scriptures, Jesus prays often. He prays during critical events in his life and he prays before ministering to people in need. As His followers, we imitate His example and "pray without ceasing" (1 Thessalonians 5:17).

We are united with all believers throughout the world – the universal Church – each week as we gather for our communal prayer, the Mass.


How Do You Pray?

Talking with God frequently, no matter the form or words used, nourishes our relationship and helps it to grow.

  • Prayer can be public or personal.
  • Prayer can be sung, spoken, or silent.
  • Prayer can use the words of Scripture, the words of others, or our own words.
  • Prayer can be conversational, formal, or meditative. 
  • The central communal form of prayer for the Church is the Mass.

Many people have rediscovered the beauty of praying with Scripture through the process of Lectio Divina and/or practicing the Liturgy of the Hours (marking the hours of the day and sanctifying them with prayer and Scripture; here is a review of a free app that provides the daily prayers). Others have found the daily verse and reflection from Sacred Space to be helpful.

See some of the Traditional Prayers of Catholicism.

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For me, prayer is 

an upward leap of the heart, 

an untroubled glance 

toward heaven, 

a cry of

gratitude and love 

which I utter 

from the depths of sorrow 

as well as 

from the heights of joy.

- St. Thérèse of Lisieux



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