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This is your gateway to the best Cahtolic videoes, books, and audio books available! You can move freely and easily between topics and internet devices wherever you are and whenever you'res ready. You can work through the resources at your own pace and according to your interests. More information here...


Parish Library

If you enter the main doors of the church, the library is in a room off to the left. The shelves are labeled to help you find books for particular topics. To borrow a book, simply write your name on the book card that you'll find in the back of the book and put the card in the metal box you'll see on the shelf. When you're finished you can leave the book in the basket on the small table; we'll take care of re-shelving it for you.

A selection of audio and visual tapes as well as some additional display books are available in the lobby area of the church. Tell me more.


Lighthouse Catholic Media Audio CDs

Just inside the main doors of the Church you'll see a wall display with about a dozen different audio CDs on a variety of topics - everything from stories of conversion to the power of forgiveness to marriage support. The selection of available CDs changes, so check it regularly. If you would like to help offset the cost of these fabulous CDs, there is a donation box attached to the display; suggested donation is $3. Lighthouse Catholic Media's Website has additional materials.

Also, go to FORMED for free CDs...


Tech Resources



The Bible


For Fun

  • (movie reviews)
  • Catholic News Service (movie reviews)
  • Catholic Cuisine (meal and dessert ideas for celebrating feast days and holy days throughout the liturgical year)
  • Grace Before Meals (This "movement" is all about bringing families together in the kitchen and around the dinner table. The host is your average black belt / breakdancing choreographer / award-winning chef / priest, Fr. Leo Patalinghug.)

Books, CDs, MP3s, and/or Gifts

  • Good Shepherd Store at Colerain and Banning (map), 741.7400
  • Dynamic Catholic (Lots of resources only cost S&H; also have daily inspirations)
  • Lighthouse Catholic Media (See the full collection of resources; our in-house display can't house them all! MP3 downloads available, as are subscriptions.)
  • FORMED has free eBooks, audio recordings, and videoes. They are the parish's gift to you!

News Media


Apologetics / Catholic Beliefts

Apologetics refers to the sincere study of the faith so that one is full prepared to explain and defend our beliefs to those who question it. Going to official Church documents at the Vatican website is often a good place to start.


Local Retreat Opportunities






Be sure to check out the Grow menu for small groups and studies that enhance your knowledge of and connection to the Faith.


Not sure what you're looking for? Or just not sure where to start? Feel free to contact our staff for guidance and suggestions.