Serving within the Context of the Mass

The Second Vatican Council reminds us that participation at Mass is the right and duty of all the baptized. Echoing this, the US Conference of Catholic Bishops notes:

All the baptized need to understand that part of their duty regarding liturgy is to accept some responsibility for the liturgy, to place themselves and their God-given talents at the service of the liturgical community whenever possible...

In their sincere efforts to participate, [everyone] present minister[s] to the priest celebrant, to others who serve in liturgical roles, and to one another... The liturgy, then, is about the action of God's own people, each with different offices and roles, each office and role... [being] one of service, not privilege...

It takes over 20 liturgical ministers to celebrate each of our weekend Masses. Prayerfully consider how your gifts can be put to use within the celebration of the Mass as a Liturgical Minister through one of these roles...




Any Catholic in 4th grade or older (including adults) can be trained to assist the celebrant during Mass by carrying the cross, holding the book, bringing items to the altar, etc. In addition to providing training, we try to help new servers by pairing them with more experienced servers who help them "learn the ropes".

When scheduling servers, we try to accommodate Mass time preferences and family schedules as best we can, with an eye toward having servers fulfill their role at least one weekend Mass per month. (Weekday Masses also need servers.)

Contact Deacon Gerry Flamm to learn more.




 of Holy


After training, these ministers are formally commissioned to distribute the precious Body and Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ. At each of our weekend Masses we have a total of 12 individuals distributing Holy Communion. 

Contact Sandy Hornbach to learn more.




"You are welcome here!" That's the message our Greeters send through their warm words and honest smiles to those who come to celebrate Mass with us. And at the end of Mass, Greeters are there again to send folks off with a smile on their faces and a bulletin in their hands.

Greeters can be any age, and you can greet as a individual, a couple, or even a family. If you're a warm, friendly person who can serve at the same weekend Mass time regularly (and arrive 15 minutes early), this is the ministry for you! Most Greeters serve on a weekly or bi-weekly schedule.

Contact Sandy Hornbach to learn more.




Lectors play a critical role in the celebration of the Mass by proclaiming the Word of God through the Scripture readings that precede the Gospel reading at each Mass. In addition to being comfortable and clear in public speaking, it's important for a Lector to prepare in advance and develop spiritually so that they are sharing the Holy Spirit in the Word of God, not just "reading aloud". We provide training and a lector workbook to aid in lectors' preparations.

Two lectors are assigned to each weekend Mass, and one to each weekday Mass. Lectors are asked to arrive 15 minutes early, and are typically scheduled for one (occasionally two) weekend Masses per month.

Contact Sandy Hornbach to learn more.





The music ministry provides uplifting, spirit-filled music with a goal of leading the congregation in praise and worship of the Lord and bringing them more fully into the celebration of the Liturgy. We have an adult choir, a contemporary choir, and cantors (by audition). Traditionally, a children’s choir sings at Christmas Vigil Mass. If you love to sing or play a musical instrument and would like to be part of the music ministry, please contact Milt Goedde.




Ushers keep things flowing smoothly for members of the congregation by:

  • Managing the offertory collection and presentation
  • Managing any unique seating needs for special groups, celebrations, or individuals
  • Directing the flow of the Communion Procession
  • Assisting anyone who might need aid

Each weekend Mass has an usher team that typically serves on a weekly basis.

Contact the Parish Office to learn more.





Also check out Behind-the-Scenes roles that are directly tied to Mass:

  • Altar Linen Care
  • Art & Environment
  • Martha's Ministry
  • Sacristan





For as in one body

we have many members,

and not all the members

have the same function, 

so we, who are many,

are one body in Christ,

and individually

we are members

one of another. 

We have gifts that differ

according to

the grace given to us...

Romans 12:4-6




Those who aren't serving in a particular role are still called to be active participants in the Mass! Read more here.



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